Happy Cows Happy People

CBR products have added pure grass fed beef to the menu of our quality coatings. What does beef have to do with wood stain, you might ask? Owner of CBR Products Bill Willis has always been committed to healthy lifestyles and quality products that enhance the existence of every living thing on the planet.

Located near Clinton, BC on the Cariboo plateau the Meadow Lake Ranch has been a 2nd home to the Willis family for nearly a decade. After years of sourcing grass fed beef from Alberta, Bill decided it would easier to farm his own brand of Beef here in BC to feed his family and friends. Bill said recently when asked about his ranch:



All Meadow Lake meat is processed at a government certified and inspected Abattoir. The beef is frozen, cut, labeled and wrapped ready for your freezer.

Mixed packs start at $300 featuring a mélange of different cuts of beef ranging from a variety or roasts, steaks, stewing beef, short ribs, and ground beef. Or for the BBQ culinarian Meadow Lake offers mixed quarters of beef for $625.


Get the Mooo-st out of your meet with the Happy Cows and Happy People of Meadow Lake Ranch.

For more information about our Happy Cows and Happy People call us at 1-888-311-5339

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